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Hey there everyone, we would love to know about your experiences at Shen Reflexology. Please post your feedback and reviews for everyone to see. We would also be happy to answer any queries or doubts you may have pertaining to Reflexology… Cheers!

13 thoughts on “Tell us what you feel…

  1. You guys Rockbig time….your therapists are excellent and I just need an excuse to keep coming in there. The place really helps me relax after a hard day’s work.Keep up the good work !!!

  2. I love the way the place has been done up. Classy,elegant and extremely soothing.BTW – that back massage you guys have introduced is awesome,just wanted it to go on forever.Am gonna drop in with my girlfriend this Valentines Day. I’m sure she’s going to love it.

  3. Shen experience to me is akin to ZEN- experience of the very existence. The ambience and the relaxation one gets from the well trained and mild mannered therapists is an out of the world WOW EXPERIENCE!Keep it up.

  4. I came to Shen reflexology a few weeks ago with some friends visiting from the U.S. We had an amazing experience and came back every day that we were in India. The service is world-class, the staff is extremely professional and they put you right at ease. Well worth the experience!

  5. The moment I stepped inside, I was fascinated by the awe-inspiring decor and greeted with smiles. The amiable therapists have a healing touch that immediately puts one at ease while soaking in the comforting music and remedying aroma. After a busy day at work, this is a perfect destination to get a calming experience. The next time I fly into Mumbai from New York, Shen will be my first stop to get over my jet-lag!

  6. Thanks Shweta and Chipemmi! It was worth the flight across the world and more… Now all you need is a little bed for a nap after and i’d never leave!

  7. As one gets out of the hustle and bustle of the Linking Road and enters the Shen Reflexology Lounge one transcends into an entirely different tranquil world. First thing one notices is the serene statue of Buddha and the rippling sound of flowing water which immediately change one’s mood and one starts relaxing. The soothing lighting and pleasing soft music becalm the taut nerves and set the tone further. The space is small but the high ceiling and the simple but tasteful décor impart a feeling of spaciousness.In this atmosphere the therapy, administered by well trained persons, itself is a very pleasant experience. I look forward to visiting the place again. Thank you Shweta for creating such a place in Mumbai.

  8. Dear All,Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at Shen on our website.Your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable to us, so feel free to give us any tips on areas for improvement.Looking forward to your continued support !

  9. Dear Shweta and All, The sessions at Shen are a really relaxing experience. The mindfulness of the staff is really admirable. One could do give these therapies in a very mechanical sort of way, but the awareness of teh staff and the care you have taken about the ambience make it special. Always keep that level of awareness in the staff, is key to the specialness of the place!

  10. I need no excuse to come back again provided my schedule permits me to. But a visit sometime soon is imminent. Having tried a couple of spa’s in Mumbai, i didn’t have any expectations of my 1st visit to Shen. But the experience proved to be far far better or rather the best i had in a very long time. The masseuse knew her craft well, & was extremely courteous. The place, though small is neatly done & the moment you enter you reach a different world altogether. Thanks Shweta for an amazing experience & hope you have a branch soon in powai.

  11. Dear Ayesha & Karan,Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your feedback. We are really happy to know that you enjoyed the experience.Hope to see you soon at ShenCheers,Shweta

  12. I recently buoght a foot massager from a Chinese vendor .Came across reflexology .Very impressed with this therapy as I am constant sufferer of aching feet (due to “flat foot ” problem running across our family.I am visiting India in mid January 2010 (from Torornto).Will introduce my mother to this therapy , sheis also a acute sufferer of aching feet .Hope you guys are still in action.I will not be far from your clinic (I will be in Lokhandwals complex).Hope to see you then.

  13. Dear Shweta,
    I came for my first foot and back massage with my husband last year while visiting Mumbai, on the suggestion of my daughter Jenny, who is a regular customer of yours.
    It was a great experience, the peaceful atmosphere..the friendly staff…you walk out and feel wonderful!
    So of course there was no question that I would come again this year with my friend while visiting Mumbai again. After having a foot and back massage, we decided to come back the next week and had the special package with 1 hour reflexology and ½ hour lymphatic drainage facial massage. Then as an add-on we had the head,neck, shoulder and back extension. 2 hours of pure heaven!
    Thank you and your team for such a wonderful experience…I look forward to seeing you again in March when I am in India again!

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