Bharti Achrekar

What an amazing experience. It was like full on. It felt like heaven.

Aneesh Pradhan

Absolutely fascinating experience. I am happy that Shen Reflexology has come to Mumbai.

Shubha Mudgal

This is an absolutely fantastic experience and I hope to become a regular visitor here. Thanks a lot.

Sujata Hodarkar, Jakarta

Truly relaxing experience – feel really ready to face the mad rush of Mumbai now. I rate the massage world class compared to Bali,Bangkok, Jakarta etc. My compliments on the wonderful ambience – the decor, the music, fragrance etc. all add to the de-stressing.

Dr. Jamuna Pai

Did not expect too much and was in for a great surprise ! The peace, tranquility and the treatment were great and a calming effect after a tiring day. Keep it up!

Mugdha Godse

Very Good Experience. I appreciate the efforts as I came in just before closing and they gave me extended best service. Very Professional