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The Spirit of Shen

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The Spirit of Shen

‘Reflexology is a journey through the sole to the soul’

Shen in Chinese philosophy is one of the basic substances that pervade the body, usually translated ‘spirit’, encompassing both the mind of the individual and healthy mental and physical function. As quoted by renowned reflexologist, Valerie Demery, ‘Reflexology is a journey through the sole to the soul’.
Understanding today’s high-stress and high-pressure urban lifestyle, Shen has aligned its de-stress programs to perfectly meet the growing needs of highly stressed individuals. With professional staff, certified by the International Spa and Beauty College, Hongkong, Shen assures a holistic approach towards de-stressing.

Our Therapists

Our team of well-trained, dedicated and enthusiastic therapists will make sure your time at Shen..

What is Reflexology?

A holistic therapy that works on the hands and feet to restore the balance within the whole body, hands and feet are like..


Relieves stress and tension and has a deeply relaxing effect (more than 75% of disease is estimated to be stress related).

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Our Therapies

A gentle and rejuvenating therapy that will work on various reflexes present in your hands / feet to help you de-stress and relax, improve your circulation, release trapped nervous energy, relieve muscle tension and balance your whole system.
This luxurious experience ends with a relaxing head / neck / shoulder/ back massage.

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